This is a gold prospecting research website for the amateur and professional prospector. Personally I like to focus my research on “fault-valve related/fault valve behavior” aka “Orogenic Gold Deposits” and their associated lodes and placers, but many links or information here should be useful for all types of prospecting.

Nowadays before a shovel ever hits the ground a fairly complex logistical process often takes place. Navigating the claims, closures, permissions, etc. regardless of the scale, can be daunting. Before we even sample an area for gold we have to do quite a bit of research. 

I believe it is important that public land stay open to safe modern mining techniques and that we educate the public on mining to help keep the proud tradition of mining in America alive for us and future generations.

Hope you enjoy the site, let’s go get some gold! Alex

Researcher: Alex Burke was born in Marin, California and currently resides in San Anselmo, Ca. Alex has been prospecting for gold, crystals, and gemstones since he was 15 years old. He worked near Yosemite and has spent countless hours in the Sierra Nevada Range prospecting.  He has completed several geology courses and studied geography and mineralogy of California, Patagonia, and Alaska regions extensively.


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Alaska: 61.218056, -149.900278


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