Geology, Geochemistry and other related reports

Department of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS)
The most comprehensive research site for Alaska, this particular link is useful for targeted report searches. This site contains DGGS, USGS, US Bureau of Mines and Mineral Industry Research Laboratory (MIRL) reports in a well organized, easy to navigate database.

Alaska State Geo-spatial Data Clearinghouse ASGDC
Geo-spatial data, maps, interactive maps.

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Geological map index of Alaska interactive tool
Interactive geological map database for Alaska. Tip, click on “more options” then “themes” to reveal useful datasets or layers. Keep in mind not every report will show up using this tool so a direct publications search is recommended whenever you are using this tool.

Geological maps of the United States online spatial data: 
Interactive map and spatial data for download

Direct USGS catalog searches 
Search the USGS catalog directly with filters.

I-Map Series/Geologic Investigations Series
Possibly important to note – “In August 1996, the I-map series name was changed from Miscellaneous Investigations Series Maps to Geologic Investigations Series. All geologic maps approved for publication after August 1996 were published in the Geologic Investigations Series.”  searching using both terms couldn’t hurt after narrowing your research target area. Example page: 

DGGS Quadrangle Search Page
DGGS search by quadrangle by just clicking the quadrangle.

MRDS/USGS Online Spatial Data
Spatial data collection

USGS maps booklet:
Maps available from the USGS

Alaska Geochemical Database (AGDB)
Geochemical analyses of rock, sediment, soil, mineral, and heavy mineral concentrate samples in Alaska analyzed from 1962 through 2009.

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DGGS WebGeochem Site
DGGS Geochemical analysis search